Review of Discover the Arjuna in You

Title : Discover the Arjuna in You

Author : Satish Modh


This book is designed as an 18=step guide to discover your true nature.But there are many obstacles to this process-beginning with the cowardice of not facing that deciding moment or moments in which you prove your potential.However, if you are willing to face such moments, the way Arjuna did, you can discover who you really are and strive for victory,wealth and wisdom.

As the blurb of the book goes :DISCOVER ARJUNA.

Since time immemorial, Arjuna has come to embody strength, courage and valour. Legend has it that the great warrior from the epic tale Mahabharata, had excellent visual skills as demonstrated through the fabled Bird’s Eye shot. The stories of his sharp-sightedness and heroism have spread far and wide. Each one of us have Arjuna’s unwavering gaze to focus on our target and endeavour for the best. However, in our own lives, we are often unable to achieve our aims; we fail the allegorical Bird’s Eye test.

Discover the Arjuna in You, based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, takes us through various phases of Arjuna’s life. It engages in the deeply philosophical conversations between Krishna and Arjuna on life lessons, and inspires us to seek answers to our own predicaments. Once we break free from the clutches of our fears and inhibitions, we can empower ourselves through focus and determination and imbibe the values of the valiant Arjuna.

Embark on a journey of motivation and become an unbeatable archer like Arjuna, because we too can set our targets, conquer every challenge along the way and emerge a winner.

Author welcomes the readers by introducing the hero of the story,Arjuna, narrating the three stories of his life he is known for, and farewells the reader making him/her introduce with the Lord Krishna.The author, in this book, very cleverly, in short and sweet manner, defines the meaning of various qualities human possess, both bad and good.What irks me there is, some qualities are repetitive, and are defined again, which could be avoided.Author has adopted a very simple writing style which is mellow in manner.

Author has applied a straightforward approach to deliver his thoughts, sketching stories from History as an example.Some practice lessons are provided at the end of each chapter, which are few in number, and can be done easily, and if done in a proper manner, it could undoubtedly bring better changes in your life and will help you to discover the Arjuna within you.Author in this book tells that Arjuna resides in all of us, his qualities resides in all of us, what we need to do is discover those qualities, and how to discover the qualities is very well narrated in the book with the help of 18-steps.

After reading such self-help book,I feel myself completely energized an rejuvenated.I could actually implement the lessons I have learnt atleast one percent, if not hundred.Such is the pleasure of reading books with spiritual thoughts and lessons to endure your life and your personality during all the odds of life.

If you are new to self-help books, you would find the content perfectly designed for you, but if you are a regular reader of self-help books or aware of the stories of Krishna and Arjuna, and the lessons drawn from them, you may find this book, a bit monotonous.

Rating : 4/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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