Review of Dissolve the BOX

Author- Santosh Sharma


‘Dissolve the BOX’ by Santosh Sharma, is not just a book but it’s a Movement,as the book says.And I’m completely agree with this.This book could be very helpful for one to discard the loopholes and negativity and born up with positive attitude.It tells how to kill the viruses hailing in all of us.

As the cover says,Dissolve the Box (DTB) is a revolutionary movement to identify and drive out the 5 internal villains called LFEAD – Limited understanding of oneself, Fear, Ego, Attachment and Dominant mind. This phenomenon aims at cleaning up and setting free your family, team, organization, society,country and your world, using the following 7 steps:

□ Realise that you‟re not really free
□ Identify the 5 internal villains holding you back
□ Understand how they infect your personal,
professional and social life
□ Appreciate that you can‟t fight, suppress or
ignore but can only dissolve them
□ Learn how to dissolve your barriers or „boxes‟
□ Experience the significant and lasting impact it
has in your life and work
□ Now apply the model to solve personal,
professional, social, economic and political
issues practically
The DTB framework is a simple but life-changing
guide that will empower you to live, grow, lead,
create and act. It takes freedom to the next level, giving you your real freedom back!

Author came up with a very unique and prolific concept.He very well potrays the characters (the villains) residing in all of us.I like the way author deals with LFEAD in a profound wont.

Title is very creative and tactic and so the content of the book.Dissolve the box is the book,which stands out of the box.A mere creative and attractive way to help the readers.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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