Review of Don’s Wife

Title : Don’s Wife


Author : Vinod Pande


Don's Wife










After several dastardly attempts on her life in different cities of the world, Kamini, the firebrand leader of the emerging new party, the icon of the youth, the idol of the world of glitter and glamour, the revered social reformer, the enigmatic wife of the dreaded underworld Don Harsh Jadhav, assassinated by unidentified gunmen at the unlikeliest of places, right at the front door in the porch of her own house. With mere two mortal shots, death had snatched her from life and what a life!


She could launch a million ships, both with her beauty and her exceptional brilliance. A fulsome life but a born rebel. Defiantly left all this to marry a man she loved, a man, she was to learn rather late in the day, was the son of one of the most feared mobsters in the country. A woman who went beyond, beyond the societal mores in her passionate relationships.


And, then the world did not remain the same. A saga began. A saga of revenge and hope, of aspirations and betrayals, of human tragedies and triumphs.


A story of tall men and even taller women where heroes are not only heroes and villains are not only villains.


Story of Kamini, more powerful in death than even in life.


My view :

The beginning of the story is intriguing and readers will surely found themselves latch to the book very soon. But the thick book of 500 pages cannot be completed forthwith and thus readers need to give some time to discover the various peaks and valleys submerged in the book. The title of the book very finely suggests that the story is centered on Don’s wife. The cover of the book shows the wretchedness of a woman and the woman is definitely Don’s wife; a captivating cover.


The story is sketched around the facets of Kamini’s life. A woman who falls in love with Don’s son named Harsh. Everything goes well in her life but then sudden drastic change oozes when several unspoken words related to her husband pops up at the edge of her life. Her life is totally changed when her husband leaves her one night and becomes criminal. Things are difficult for her and her life is slipping away with every passing moment.


Laterwards Kamini falls in love again with her bodyguard named Jayanth. Reader will be interested to find the reason behind Kamini’s death. There are three main characters in the book viz Harsh, Kamini and Jayanth. Kamini’s character is very finely weaved and is really touchy; a strong woman buried under the heaps of dolor. Author had done a good characterization in his book.


The writing style of the author is easy to go with. A very neat narration is done in the book providing a smooth flow in the reading journey. But the smooth narration becomes edgy when surplus events come into action. Some parts of the book are not well edited. Incidents are properly portrayed by the author. He portrayed the events which seem real and are catchy.


Every scene from love to hatred is played very well in the book. This book will definitely lead its readers to a story full of drama. Some parts of the book are unnecessarily stretched which may ignite the feeling of incense. If these unnecessary events were cut then the book would be more compelling. Although the story holds captivating episodes but the pace of the story is slow at times.


Altogether a book having pinch of crime, love, anguish and sex.


Rating : 3/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya


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