Review of Engineer

Title : Engineer


Author : ROD




Blurb :

Vineet is starting his second year in NITK,Surathkal. He and his friend Abhi set out to explore only to find out life in this college is nothing like they had imagined.


They face an old club and discover the college life which is unseen to the common eye and things take an ugly turn as his degree comes under threat. Watch him as he tries to uncover the meaning of passion, struggle and fight for his rightful place in the prestigious college of NITK.


Keep in touch with rod, as we venture through the college life and the burning passion which keeps all the engineers alive.”



My View:The story that revolves around engineer, as very-well depicted from the title.Knowing the theme of the book in advance,I was wondering what special book would have for readers.Is there something beyond ragging, depression and tension, or fling in between? To clear my doubts, I stepped ahead to find out the quality of content.



In the beginning, I got the feeling that this book would revolve around the same events that I had guessed.Ragging, friendship, freshers, and the definition of engineering and how engineering is taken as a game of toy these days.But after couple of pages, a new shade occurred infront of readers.



The story doesn’t have a new concept, as a whole, but when one take a look from peephole, it shows some different aspects of engineering life, struggle of the protagonist’s life to get his degree and the mystery that walks with him.One by one, as the events unfold,I couldn’t find a proper sequence of unfolding the events.Also, author could have taken a different path to cover the journey in less time.If story has been narrated in a precise manner, it would have been an interesting journey.



Due to the presence of unwanted content, the journey becomes dull at various corners.The story takes many turns to reach to its destiny, and those turns prove worthy when it reaches to its destination which ends serving something good to readers.The friendliness that a readers seek from the story is missing in the book.It would take some time to readers to get comfortable while walking hand-in-hand with the protagonist.



As the story progresses ahead, new characters keep on popping which makes it confusing at many nodes to get a clear sight of the scene.While concluding, what this book has in store for its readers, it won’t thrill readers and play game with minds, but it would give readers an insight of engineer’s life through a story of an engineering graduate.



All in all, it was a nice read!



Rating: 3/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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