Review of Envisage

Title : Envisage


Author : Jaydeep Khot




Blurb : In Envisage Kasak is a girl blessed with powers to predict the future. How does she do it? That’s what you have to find out by reading this crime and mystery novel. Will these powers help her to solve the biggest problem in her life? Will she be able to solve the biggest mystery?


Kasak loses her parents and becomes a part of a wonderful family, with her uncle and aunt. Ravi, her cousin is a naughty but an integral part of her life. From Kasak’s growing up to gaining her powers, everything will be unveiled as you turn the pages! Happy Reading!


My views : Envisage is the second novel of the author Jaydeep Khot. A well suited title and a ravishing cover will prod you to open the book as quickly as the second-hand moving in the clock. After the blurb there goes a simple and brief Preface which will tell you more about the book.


The very first chapter welcomes the reader to meet the protagonist Kasak. Kasak is a girl who can foresee the shades of the future. Kasak was a small kid when her parents met with an accident which leads her father to an unnatural death and mother in coma. She was brought up under his uncle’s care named Sunil and his wife Nazuk. Ravi is the only son of Sunil and Nazuk and he is very mischievous boy who enjoys playing pranks.


By the time Kasak grew older and fell in love with his classmate Shubham whom he happened to meet as a prom partner. Kasak also learned Taekwondo in her early age which she continued later wards after a long time break due to health issues.


By using the powers Kasam helped to stop so many unwilling and bad things to come into action. Kasak detangles the murder mystery of his only lover Shubham. At the end Kasak’s mother captured her senses and this news collected the breeze of glee around Kasak. But Kasak was gone in doldrums when she came to know that her parents intentionally met with an accident which has not only snatches the life of her father but also snatches the right to live a happy life with her parents.


The story is magnificent having impressive effect. The way Ching tells the value of each belt taking example of tree is really catchy and appealing. The first half of the story played at moderate pace and the story becomes compelling when the second half dig up from the every passing chapter. The end of the story is a cliffhanger and to find out the murderer reader will need to wait for the sequel. The most attractive chapter of the book is ‘Past or Future’ which slowly traces the future fastening the links together.


The book is written in such a manner that even a school going child can also complete the book within a few hours. So, I would say the writing style is as easy as pie. From the very first page story was moving with a very high speed. It seems author is in hurry to make the story reach the end as soon as possible. The narration of the book is smooth but is not well polished and lacks the soothing effect. There are grammatical mistakes in the book which will make your converge attention diverge within seconds. Altogether a story with a fascinating plot.


A page turner!


Rating : 3/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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