Review of Essence of the Dharmapada


Title : Essence of the Dharmapada

Author: Eknath Easwaran

“Essence of Dharmapada:The Buddha’s call to Nirvana”,by Eknath Easwaran is a religion and philosphical based book in which author has laid down various vital facets of Buddha’s life in the form of examples to absorb most of those teachings, also portarying Buddha’s teachings showcasing some facets of his life.

As the back cover says ‘ Eknath Easwaran, translator of the best-selling edition of the Dhammapada, sees this powerful scripture as a perfect map for the spiritual journey. Said to be the text closest to the Buddha’s actual words, it is a collection of short teachings memorized during his lifetime by his disciples. Easwaran presents the Dhammapada as a guide to spiritual perseverance, progress, and ultimately enlightenment — a heroic confrontation with life as it really is, with straight answers to our deepest questions. We witness the heartbreak of death, for instance — what does that mean for us? What is love? How does karma work? How do we follow the spiritual
life in the midst of work and family? Does nirvana really exist, and if so, what is it like to be illumined? In his interpretation of Buddhist themes, illustrated with stories from the Buddha’s life, Easwaran offers a view of the concept of Right Understanding that is both exhilarating and instructive. He shares his experiences on the
spiritual path, giving the advice that only an experienced teacher and practitioner can offer, and urges us to answer for ourselves the
Buddha’s call to nirvana — that mysterious, enduring state of wisdom, joy, and peace.’

An appearance of pink lotus on the white background and the carvings with the pink colour itself generates the aroma of peace.Cover picture,title and the blurb at the back side all the three are apt for the content the book holds.

Like Eknath Easwaran’s other books,this book also imparted with a feather like writing fashion.Reader will completely involved and find a space for himself/herself while reading the book. The book itself answers many of the questions arising in your mind.It will help you to open many of the closed cells residing in your brain and shows you the path in order to feel free and rejuvenated. The book is written with utter simplicity and any reader could easily find himself/herself induldge in this book.This book may cancel out the negative thoughts taking place in your mind which are acting as a source to effect your life. It tells the definition of life in accordance with Buddha’s perception. In this book,author has very potently presented Buddha’s words.

Some very humourous examples has been portrayed in the book in order to make readers very well understand Buddha’s thoughts, as his thinking is beyond our imagination.No matter how bad or low you are feeling while you are about to start this book.But at the end of it,your mind,body and soul would be at the state of peace. A good book to know about Buddha and the journey of his life. Even after completely reading this book,the impression would last long on your mind.

It’s way difficult to find any dawnfall in a book that serves you eternal peace.If you are keen to learn teachings of Buddha ,this is a good book to go with and feed your brain with the eternal thoughts of Buddha. For a peaceful existence,this is one out of many books ,I would like to recommend you all.

Get in the boat.Start the journey.You will find for yourself what is beyond the world of change and suffering.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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