Review of Essentials to Road Safety

Title : Essentials of road safety

Authors: Ashwini Bagga and Nisha Bagga


Are you people aware of the enormous use of vehicles on road and the traffic it causes? If you are , then you are also aware of the road safeties, right? Well, many are not! To bring out the awareness and essentials of the road safeties, Ashwini Bagga along with Nisha Bagga, came forward with a book demonstrating the essentials of road safety.

As the back cover says:

”Safety, safety and safety; we are too much concerned about safety and we talk about the subject everywhere whether at home, in home, in office, industry or anywhere else. But we are least bothered about safety on roads. Shouldn’t we take these deadly roads seriously and discuss about the safety measures required by everyone. Probably this sensitive issue has not been accepted by us yet and that is why it is not taught to children at school.

Muskaan foundation, Udaipur has come up with an initiative to introduce Road Safety as co-scholastic activities in some selected schools. This book has been specially designed to teach students about the terms related to road traffic and safety. We have emphasized more on activities rather theoretical details as these practical activities will enable children to develop the apt driving behavior right from their childhood. This book is equally useful and must also be read by parents in order to understand and comprehend the importance, sensitivity and necessity of the subject. We hope this edition will help teachers and parents to bring up sensitive and safer generations ahead.”

First of all, the book gives a brief introduction of traffic and introduction of vehicles. And then it covers briefs on various terms like types of road users, causes of road accidents, road crossing, overtaking, safe cycling, good driving habits, safety in school bus, traffic rules, first aid etc.

Pictures taking participation at appropriate place makes the journey easier to understand authors’ words. The content of the book are arranged in a suitable manner which is easy to learn and go through it. Usages of paragraphs are less to see and the directions and suggestions are mostly in point so that reader can comfortably go through them. The 20 activities provided at the end of the book makes a great learning trick for students and students will definitely enjoy doing them and are much essential to make them better understand what they have learnt before.

Authors have laid emphasis on minute-minute things which we riders avoid while riding or driving. Going through this book, you will get to know many do’s and don’ts of safety driving which are very essential to follow while we are on road. Authors have presented the content in a very catchy manner and have maintained a flow which is required for such type of books. A simple and good language has been adopted by the authors. No irrelevant details and content are to be found in this book,instead authors have tried to put forward their words in a precise manner making it an easy learning process.

This book is basically written for class 6th to 9th  standard students,but as everyone is using vehicles, safety is required for everyone and everyone should be aware of the road safeties. So, this book deserves to be read once and follow the rules for your safety.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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