Review of First love Matters so Does The Second

Title : First Love Matters So Does The Second



Author : Vishal Sah




Love is like a crystal which will shine in you every moment and the yearning will rejuvenate you by every passing second. When the feeling of rejection in love knocks your door you will find the pieces of your heart splintered. But it is not always the end of the love because far at someplace someone still exists to adore and cherish your love.



First love matters so does the second is the debut novel of author Vishal Sah based on the similar situation as mentioned over the top. The cover of the book is simple and captivating. The title clearly says that the story will lead you to address the vibes of love which are braided twice.



As the blurb goes : Everything was perfect when all of them were at school. Vishal was happy with Shreya, so were Shaurya and Myra. But little did they know that a life ‘not so perfect’ was waiting for them outside their school gate.


What happens when one chooses ambition over love? Would you be able to live with doing something you didn’t want to do? Could someone rectify their long forgotten past? Is it possible to win a battle against Death?


Explore what it is like to think that you are in love for the first time only to realize that you are constantly falling in love, as a wise man said


“First Love Matters … So Does The Second.”


The story is woven around the school and college life of a boy named Vishal Kapoor. The onset of story whirls around protagonist’s school life. He was eager to reach the school as after a long time he will get a chance to catch a glimpse of his crush. Story rolls and soon his crush named Vedika befriends him. Later on Vedika revealed about her dating to a guy named Arnav. Vishal became very much upset after knowing all this and soon his life goes on normal between his friends Shaurya, Myra and Ananya. One day he fall in love again with a girl named Shreya.



Later wards college life of the protagonist start.  Everything was going well but all of a sudden all his joy lost when he came to know he is suffering from a critical disease and he has only few days left.  At last he left and teaches the lesson to all his friends Shaurya, Myra, Ananya(cousin), Shreya, Aaryahi.



The story detangles gracefully with every crossing chapter. The episodes are very well played from past to present and the nebulous tints of every character’s life is visible at the end. The story is based on a common plot. Pinch of newness is missing in the story making it a just another story of a character submerged with the trauma of cancer.



The writing style makes it is easy for a neophyte to complete the reading journey without deviations. The narration of the story is moderate. At times things are not well understandable because of unclear sentences. If the articulation of the sentences would be better than the reader would be able to locate more interest.



A story having hues of love, pain and friendship.



Rating : 3/5



Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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