Review of Fluffy Feathers


Title : Fluffy Feathers

Author: Diwakar Pokhriyal

“Fluffy Feathers” by Diwakar Pokhriyal is a compilation of twenty-four short stories that showcases different flavours of life, some approaching, some asks you to take a step ahead to bring the change, some dipped in love,some haunting and mysterious.

A walk towards the night

The book inaugarates with a message to the society-Where has lost our morality and Who is at fault? It is basically a broadcast of author’s thoughts,his perceptions about today’s youth and what they term ‘Independence’ and how they make wrong use of it.I wish this message would come out with a story,then it could easily and more effectively cast its spell and spread the message.

My Lost Angel

The second story tries to portray a love story that fails to create the real ambience required for the story.Imagination is lacking in the storyline and that made me loose interest.The storyline could be blended with more events in order to make it healthy and interesting.

A promise of Love

I found the story incomplete.I felt that something was amiss.Story lacks nourishment and imagination.I also felt that author was in hurry to complete this story in order to moved on to the next one.

A friend

An impressive story of a guy Joy and his wish of making a friend.Discover how he met a friend and the bio of his friend.I found the suspense quite revealing before it is required, but all in all, it is an interesting story which kept me glued to it till the end.

Evaporating Solutions

Similar to the first story of the book, this story also deals with author’s thoughts and broadcasts his perceptions about the society and the way we treat our Independence.Agree to his thoughts,but as the book is a compilation of short stories,a story is required to put the message infront of readers in a fruitful manner.

A mediocre student

A story of a student who loves to play but lacks interest in studies.His parents were unable to bridge the gap and that gap results in unfullfilled desires of his heart. Theme is good but here also an imaginative plot is lacking.

A Lover’s Diary

There are two sequels to this story.The first one creates the suspense of letter that the protagonist found.In the second part,suspense started to unleash and at the end created more suspense. In the third part, everthing comes to an end and suspense vanishes.A nice attempt but could be presented in a much better way.

He was there

The story speaks of a silent love.I like the theme and the storyline of the story.There is no pause when one event switches to another at some places,this made it quite confusing.A good story.

Forget Society-To be a part of society

This story broadcasts the understanding gap between parent and children.There is nothing new in the story.The story is mainly in the form of conversations among some aunties which two young boys overheard and then concluded.

Slave of our thoughts

This story showcases a new facet of love or I doubt whether it should be termed as ‘love’ or not.I appreciate the author to bring this thought along with a story.It brings the message that ‘It’s upto us how to tackle the situation,act positively or negatively,rewards will be respectively.

Dream and Dream

A dream that turns into reality and above all the fear of coming that horrifying dream true that shakes the protagonist up-down.A good storyline and narrated well.All in all, an interesting and nice story.

The sour truth

A story of two physically paralized lovers.It tells that physically disabled people are no different from us and shouldn’t be treat differently.We all are same and we all have some disabilities in ourself.A nice effort and a nice message to the readers.

The Mirror-1

The story is of a farmhouse and the people who came to live there and faced unlikely disasters happened to their child.Quite an old storyline but it was nice.As the name suggests that there could be more sequeal of this story,but unfortunately there isn’t.

The possibility 1 and 2

The story has a sequel to it.’The Possiblity-1′ is a beautiful story with a nice end.The storyline is somewhat different and interesting.

‘The possibility-2’
The story of a human or a spirit? This story tries to create supense and isn’t that fruitful as demanded. I couldn’t connect to the story properly.Also, both the stories should be in a row if they are sequeals.

Darkness of Perception

“A sea is too vast to be judged from one bank.”
A story of biased perceptions.Many a times we misinterpret the situation or a person and that directly effects our perception about them.Sometimes we are not able to see the other side of the coin.This story tells the same in a quite nice manner.

Belief in love

An old story told in a different way.A story of true love which tells the meaning of relationship and pure love and there is no space for misunderstanding amidst two lovers.A nice effort.


The story tells the difference between having money in life but not having happiness.Many a times, youngsters have to go through their parent’s decision and they couldn’t able to lift up their dreams just because their parent thinks that only proper study and job could make them earn a healthy amount of money.This story is all about this.A nice story.

The Second Chance

Not everyone’s luck knocks the door second time.It is the story of a guy called DV,his desires and passion about cricket and his affection towards his parents.I liked the story and the theme,although the end could be more emotional.

What I like about the book is-in most of the story,author tries to tell a message to the reader.Albeit,he couldn’t implemented it very-well,but his thoughts impressed me.A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the author.A novice reader could go through it easily.

About the downfalls of the book- I was eager to read something new out of this book.But it couldn’t stand on my expectation.Stories are lacking imagination.When one story tries to stand different from other,it was not able to make a connection with me.This book also required editing and proof-reading. A healthy conversation is also required to make the story interesting.Also, articulation of sentences could be much better in order to provide reader a comfortable reading journey.

Rating : 2.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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