Review of Forever in my heart

Title: Forever in my Heart

Author: Arindam Dey


The debut book of Arinday Dey,”Forever in my heart”, will steal your glances and would force you to go through the blurb, if you are a lover of love-story books. The story is a mixture of elements of pain,sacrifice, stubbornness and true love.In this book, author offers some twists to the readers which reader would find interesting to untwist.A story of lovers and friends which makes its own space in reader’s mind.

As the back cover says:”

‘The moment your heart chose to love each other, you challenged destiny. And it came for you, just like it comes to measure anyone who chooses to love . . .’

Eighteen years ago, an accident separated Saanjh from Rishav. When fate brings her back to him, she is confronted by a scheming Josephine and her dire obsession to win Rishav at any cost. But is that all that’s keeping Rishav away from Saanjh? Or is there another shadow of fate lurking somewhere between them? Are divine plans really designed around the deepest desires of the human heart? How far can one go to resurrect one’s life, and seek redemption?

When desire deceived love . . . the debt of a sin remained . .”

The inauguration of the story was quite off bit, means the story in the beginning travels the road which is full of suspense, which creates confusion and way of switching from present to past events or vice versa is done at very less time intervals, which later go on at appropriate time interval. Also, fluency in the writing style and a flow is missing in the beginning. After the first half, the story becomes very interesting and you can’t leave the book once you complete the first half.

The poems incorporated in this book are beautiful and are simple in nature to understand.The storyline is good and is realistic in nature. Description of characters is done in a good manner.An easy and simple writing fashion author has chosen for this book which when a novice reader reads would love to go through it.For an ardent reader, a mediocre writing style it is,which he/she could cover at ease.

The story is somewhat related to real life story ,so any reader can go through this book and even the one who is reading novel for first time can pick up this book. A nice and lovely story!

Rating:4.4 /5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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