Review of Ganesh,Kali,Krishna and Hanuman

Spiritual books are the ultimate books to heal mind and serve peace to it. Recently I picked up four spiritual books named-

Hanuman by Joshua Greene
Kali by Sarah Caldwell
Krishna by James H. Bae
Ganesha by James H. Bae

All the four books are the doors to wisdom.
A diminitive book of around 100 pages equipped with the story of these divine Gods. Excellent page quality and rich with pictures.

Though ,I already knew their story but it was a pleasure to go through them once again. These are such kind of books which you can keep with yourselves anytime,even when you are travelling and when you are not at your home ,you can keep it in your bag to let you feel good whenever you feel down.

The only thing shocked me is all the four books are written by foreign writers not Indians. I feel nice as people not only from India but also from foreign countries are keen to know about our lore.

It was really a pleasure to read these four books altogether.

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