Review of Happily Married

Title : Happily Married


Author : Chetan Dalvi




Blurb : Why do some couples give up their dreams of marrying each other and go through life being nostalgic about their beautiful courtship days? Why does that intensity in love and oneness during courtship limp after marriage?


 Happily Married is the struggle of a lover to marry the love of his life, the voice of a husband sharing his experiences after marriage and a joy of a father watching his love divided between his wife and daughter.


 …… I, Chetan Dalvi, indemnify to keep your daughter Soni safe, happy and content forever after our marriage….I hereby legally confirm that you will be always free to take any action against me, if I fail to obey my duty as husband of your daughter… I also undertake that I don t want anything from you at any point of time which denotes my life term, except the hand in marriage of your daughter Soni.


My View : The start of the story is not that much exciting and heart throbbing, but the way author drops his words on reader’s mind and the way he lay down his thoughts with a tint of humour assures readers of the quality of the book. In the beginning, author plays a very clever game to entice readers and to make them hook in the journey using his humour.His views on incidents and his witty remarks offers smile to readers.

Writing style adopted by the author is simple, well-articulated and good enough to sail the journey. His words are properly chosen and he made correct shot at proper time through his words. The way he has narrated the story makes the journey soothing and comfortable which anyone can complete with ease.



The plot is common, but the events it accumulated serves something different, interesting and charming to readers, as what I thought in the first half of the book. What all this book constitutes is an old and rugged concept, so common episodes, but with a message for readers.Except for repetition of words at a place or two, the story is portrayed flawlessly.
What acted as the hindrance in the flow of the story is unwanted and uninvited description at places, like description of rituals happens during wedding, modes of travelling and his previous experiences which doesn’t excite readers and bore them.


As the story progresses ahead author’s wit sprinkled in the half of the first half started to vanish. The story seemed interesting until he approaches to convince his father-in-law, but as the rituals of the marriage appears, the story serves nothing to the readers expect some already-known and uninteresting stuff. As one arrives at the end of the journey, he/she  would be acquainted with a message which is good enough to serve author’s writing motive.


A light read!



Rating : 3.3/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari



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