Review of Heaven’s Above

Title : Heaven’s Above


Author : Michael Anderson




Blurb: What is it about Heaven’s Above that makes it different from other apartment buildings in Mumbai? Something happened here a very long time ago – an ancient tragedy – that ripples into present lives in unexpected ways.


We meet Boman, a pedantic and lovelorn Parsi. Idris, a successful photographer whose happiness is about to be shattered. Ashwini, a famous actress who carries the secret regret of a lost love. Attempted murder, illegal money, infidelity, kidnapping, abuse, love and bereavement – all these and more find their paths entwined, as a holy man gathers together the threads of their lives and by so doing frees himself.


By turns outrageous, amusing and poignant, Heaven’s Above offers an intimate and affectionate view of these everyday inhabitants of Mumbai.



My View :The interesting characters with different lifestyles residing at Heaven’s Above would come to meet you through this book. The presence of crow on the cover ,and it’s frequent visit in the story was a long kept suspense driving you impatient to find its role.What role does the crow played in the life of residents of Heaven’s Above was a thing worth to find out, and how their life inspite of being different from each other laid them to the same chamber.




The first paragraph of the blurb has a very magnetic effect latched to it.What ancient tragedy author is talking about and how it is going to affect present lives, the answer to this very question drives reader to explore the unexpected and pushes reader to bring the unexpected from behind the curtain.The blurb very-well works to grapple reader’s attention, and the cover design and the title does the rest of the work to entice readers.




Author blesses life to words.He so tenderly uses words and expresses his thoughts in such a lively manner that reader would love to go through his words.The Hindi monologues he uses in between brings charm to the story and very-well compliments the scenes where they have been used.While tracing the curves,I was not sure where the story would lead me to,but one thing that I was sure about was soon I would be greeted with something unexpected, and in wait of that very unexpected, I completed the journey in a very short span.




In a book of 250 pages, life of so many people is so radiantly narrated that one could easily feel the downpour of emotions from the story of each individual.His writing style is very clever in nature, and with his clever writing style he speaks with the reader’s mind in quite an interactive manner which leads reader to feel his/her presence in the story throughout.




With his debut book,Michael Anderson comes with an intriguing and distinct plot, and impresses reader with his narrating style.



Rating : 4/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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