Review of Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

Title: Hey Dad! Meet my Mom

Author: Sandeep Sharma and Leepi Agrawal


“Hey Dad! Meet my Mom”, doesn’t the title itself pulls you towards it as if holding a mystery and waiting to unveil and read by you. This is a story that revolves around the corrugated edges of protagonist’s life leading you to a suspenseful end and an unpredictable tale. The story covers the uninvited events of Puneet’s life and the story basically showcases the power of true love.

As the back cover says:”

Right since childhood, the world in which we live teaches us to bury our ‘bad’ past somewhere deep inside us and just move on. So deep, that even we can’t possibly dig it back out.

What happens when a 10 year old child, who claims to be your future son, comes to you to help you find his mother, who’s your perfect match? What happens when you eventually start doubting his intentions? What happens when a girl starts turning your dreams into nightmares? What happens when your ‘future son’ starts haunting you? What happens when your FUTURE starts bleeding into your PRESENT through your PAST?

‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom!!!’ is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of mystery, love, comedy, fear and suspense. So make sure you don’t forget to expect the unexpected!!!”

At first, I couldn’t guess what the story would be all about. After going through first few pages, I was not sure what it would serve next. But the turns of unheralded events made me glued to it and I completed it in a single sit. I was enjoying the twist exemplar’s life is having, and I was very much excited to know the amount of wit authors has used in the story and in wait as how they would twist the story.

Use of simple language and a determined flow made it easy to go with the story. For an amateur reader the writing style and the story curves very-well as it hold all the elements a novice is in search of. With a good amount of simplicity it holds, it doesn’t disappoint readers with its content. It proceeds in a very-precise manner outlining and covering the lead elements in a way that reader’s attention doesn’t get diverted from it.

A thread of suspense is nicely knitted in the story which plays it role very-well in order to make the story interesting. Some episodes are really fun in nature and are devoted to true love. Although one couldn’t completely relate to the story but it serves something different that is at least worth a read and squeezes less time of readers.

I found the pace of the story a bit quick as I didn’t get the time and space to get completely dissolve in the story. All the basic elements of the book like storyline, writing fashion, conversation, pace, narration fashion fails to touch the line of perfection. I would say that they all belong to a mediocre ethnicity that a reader who has gone through few books would like to spend some time with.

Mixture of wit, suspense, drooling emotions and love! A light and one-time read! A story dedicated to true-lovers!


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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