Review of Hottest Summer Night


Author : Rony Dasgupta

“Hottest Summer Night” by Rony Dasgupta is a petite story of protagonist named Ronit and her school-friend Asu.The story revolves around their present and past life and the complications they are facing in their life.

As the back cover says ‘ Ronit’s usual dozing after day’s long work in otherwise the hot and humid day got interrupted with the loud sound of the mobile ring-tone in the otherwise silent hot may night.He looked at his mobile it was Aishwarya or Asu popularly known among friends.Ronit turned his face towards the wall clock.He was surprised to get a call from Asu at this late hour.He answered the call with a puzzled voice-There was no sound from the other end.
Hello Asu,Is it you? Ronit asked.
The silence was replaced by a shrill crying sound.
Ronit(even more puzzled)- Are you ok Asu? What’s wrong? Why was Asu crying? And why would she call at such a late hour?’

The cover picture gives the hint that the story could be a love-triangle which to some extent proved true.But as to catch reader’s attention, I think it should come up with some more art that reflects the story in an attractive manner.The title of the book speaks of a highly-romantic story.The blurb reflects a part of the story, quite nice to gain reader’s attention but couldn’t generate inquistivity as required after reading the blurb.

Though the story revolved around only two characters ,but a perfect characterization is missing.The characters couldn’t accompained me while I was reading the book.Also, I felt that the emotions are left unattached.There were several places where I found lack of display of emotions. Even the conversation between Asu and Ronit didn’t seem so interesting and unique to me.It was just normal conversation every next person does just there was a add of some different spices, but not too spicy to give you a new flavor to taste.

Also, conversations play its role well when the story is elaborately displayed. I couldn’t catch up why photos are being amalgamated with the story.I couldn’ find any connection between the story and the photos. Unwanted descriptions at some places and lack of description at other places is I consider the biggest downfall of the book.

I wish author good luck for his next venture.

Rating: 1.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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