Review of I Inspire

Title : I Inspire


Subtitle : A Unique Treasure Hunt


Author : Megha Bajaj




Blurb : 

A must-read for anyone who has ever rolled their eyes skyward and asked, “Hey God, is there like a road map to life?”

Srinagar was dressed in her autumn best. Like blushing brides, the trees were clothed in bright red, their graceful limbs swaying eagerly forth in the wind, and then, as if suddenly recalling their modesty, holding back just a bit.

Neerja’s grandmother was busy in the kitchen. The smell of pickles enticed the chubby little girl and she walked in to watch the elderly woman create magic with her wrinkled hands. Every now and then, she would steal a piece of sour green mango, flick it into the air and catch it in her mouth. The taste was heaven… pure heaven.

“Oh nani, I love you!” Neerja sighed. “This is the greatest treasure you could ever give me!”

“Oh, no, my little one”, replied her grandmother, beating masalas into a bowl to marinate the cut raw mango pieces. “Raw mangoes are not the greatest treasure.”

“I give up Nani! Tell me, tell me now, what is the greatest treasure?”

Equal parts humorous and soul-stirring, the deeply personal and disturbingly honest I Inspire reveals how the human spirit is much, much bigger than anything it endures.


My View : The story welcomes reader with an amusing part of Neerja’s childhood, nothing would be much better to inaugurate this story,perfect start.I loved meeting Neerja’s family member as much as I started loving her. The story is being portrayed in such a manner that slowly and steadily you would find yourself  dissolved in the story as sugar gets in water.


Little but cute snaps from Neerja’s life loathed me to the core,the way she looked and judged the incidents of life touched my heart.The way Megha has done the juxtaposition of little-little nuances of life is very likeable.It helps to relate with the protagonist completely,working as a cherry on the top of the cake.


Going through Neerja’s story, doesn’t just inspire you,but entertain you at the same time.The way she responds to life, even though what life has offered her, makes a very positive image of her on reader’s mind.Only personality like her know,what life is, and how to live it at its best.Counting all the odds, she travels on the path of light, enlightening her life,and becoming an inspirational model for many others.


Megha just not conveys Neerja’s words in this book, but she has done her best to make this story look like told by Neerja only.She has injected life into it, her words can be felt, and can be related ,and her efforts can be noticed when one can connect to the incidents narrated in the book with ease.She wanted the story to reach to many hearts, and that’s why she adorned her writing style with simple words, making it less complex for novice to complete the journey, and her narrating fashion is matured enough that ardent readers would feel comfortable while sailing.


Wonderful and inspirational read!


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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