Review of I will Love once again

Author- Krishna Verma


‘I will love once again’ by Krishna Verma is a simpatico tale of Krishna who wanted to live completely in present but his past love Priety didn’t let him to do so. In every girl he was seeking for Priety’s resemblance.As the title itself says-once the protagonist has fallen in love and he again wants to be in the beautiful world of love.But would he be able to? This story somehow depicts a true tale of every lover who have lost their beloved.

As the back cover says-‘Would you fall in love again?
How would you react if someone you love suddenly calls you to convey message of her engagement and moves out of your life?

Even the last thread of hope tears up and they are apart.Priety is gone and HE remains a mere spectator watching the tide of the time rising high against and shattering all his dreams.

Will he be able to fight out his hard situation?
Will he opt for self destruction,making his life hell?
Will he ever take a chance of searching for love again?

An exquisite beauty slowly and steadily involves into his life and there begins emotional battle between present and beautiful past.

Will he be able to replace Past with desired Present?
What if the same thing happens again?

Read and get to know how HE narrates ‘I Will Love Once Again’ ‘

The verse in the very beginning provides a perfect illustration to the story. A constant flow is maintained throughout the story. Writing style is simple and the narration is compact which holds my attention.Bites of laughter are also there to entertain readers.

The story paces up clutching the hands of past and present simultaneously.Comparing life from present to past, author swiftly and wisely opens the pages of exemplar’s past life.I liked the way how author did this job equally proportioned.

If the story could have more twists and turns then it would be for sure a great read as the author’s writing style is simple and soothing.Some more spice in the plot would make it a perfect read.Since it is the debut book of the author,no doubt author has done a good job.Expecting a lot more to read of this author.

Rating- 3.6/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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