Review of In God’s Wishlist

Title : In God’s Wishlist


Author : Pradipta Panda




Blurb :

“‘In Gods Wishlist’ is a fantasy that speaks of a whole new world order, where there will be no fear of death. Love and beauty will rule the world and spirits will interact and fall in love with human beings and propagate love. This love will transcend everything and be the panacea to all problems.


God has a vision and a mission.


He invites humankind to join active politics as it controls their life. He performs experiments to induct his theory. In one of his experiments, he studied beauty with the mind,and released all the spirits to the world, except for twenty-one top leaders of the world, whose beautiful minds were not mapped and programmed. God’s theory is that the two main things that rule the earth are the ruler and beauty that remains true for all ages. Youth have different aspirations, towards their fantasy, the opponent, and society.



To inculcate this God inducted a new theory of love, the love between the spirit and a human being. The love between the spirit and a human being will be the panacea of all and this love will transcend human behaviour.


Read to find out how and what is in God’s Wishlist…”



My View : A story where God act as the protagonist, where God has a plan, a different plan to bring out a new change in the world he has created years ago.The concept behind the book is really appreciative.Author’s motive is to serve God’s piece of mind to readers,with this story he tries to change people’s ways of thinking, their perception about God.


It was quite hard to relate to what author had in mind.His words didn’t make connection at proper chord.I love fantasy genre and exploring the fun it has,and it was till the time easy for me to relate with fantasy story and to feel them.But this time,I feel like the magic is missing,author couldn’t bring out his thoughts in a manner where reader could create his own world and dwell into it,until he reaches to the last word of the book.
Readers always seek for a new concept, a new story, no doubt this book has a new concept, but what readers more demand is the quality of story, a story through which he can relate and feel as if they are reading their own story.Not for a single moment,I was able to relate to the story.



Whenever Cinderella(the spirit) came into picture I felt why her existence doesn’t make any sense to me. Author should have made more impact on her words while introducing her.He should have lighten her part so that reader would get gel to this new character and cope up well with her in the coming episodes.Because of the absence of magic in the beginning, the whole journey fails to charm readers.Incidents are not real enough to satisfy my mind.What more irritates reader in the journey is unwanted and irrelevant events.Events which participated just to increase the count of words.



At some places, I felt like skipping the pages,and see if author has something fruitful for readers in the journey ahead.I was completing the journey without having any feeling with me in hope that at some node,it would take a turn and bring something exciting and thrilling,but nothing came as such.His motive was very clear from prelude and last chapter, what more it requires is some good events that could take readers ahead in  the journey.
Author has focused more on what a spirit can do and what not.He has wasted scores of pages in narrating his interaction and his moments with the spirit which doesn’t prove to be fruitful enough to complete the motive of this book.It’s obvious for readers to guess what a spirit can do,even if one doesn’t, author can narrate that in one chapter,but he kept on serving the dishes made up of same ingredients.



Rating : 2/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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