Review of ‘In Pursuit Of Lesser Offence’

Author- Sujata Parashar


‘In pursuit of lesser offence’ third pursuit series by Sujata Parashar is recommended by as the core theme of the plot is marriage and relationships. Well this tag on the front cover made me to ponder about the content inside it. The cover of the book seems classy but I couldn’t even make sense out of it.

The story revolves around five people Avinash Vyas and his wife Latika where the picture said that they were compromising their relationship. The bond Avinash was seeking from his wife was not given to him.

Another interesting couple was Sangeet and Kushal where Sangeet was honestly following their relationship but her husband was on the contrary side. He ditched Sangeet for his lover and later on get divorced.

So the story of two guys Sangeet and Avinash who were somewhat not so happy with their marriage, accidentally their destiny brought them together. They took a leap of faith when the void portion of their life urged to be filled. Though the relationship of Sangeet and Avinash started on a clumsy note but the bond they shared later gripped the story.
The end is touchy and I like the way it ended on a happy note with a twist.

This tale demonstrates the real phase of life which many couples of nowadays come across everyday. It holds the epitome of relationship and how it enfolds one in its trap. Though the story was simple but the message which the author tried to convey regarding relationships knotted tightly and pulls it in the category of a good novel.


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