Review of Its For You…Mihi


Author- MD Asif

“Its For You…Mihi” by MD Asif is an amazing piece of literature which depicts the intensity of true love. This book is dedicated and devoted to all the caring and loving souls. The delight, the ecstasy, and the pain which one feels in love is been portrayed by the author in the book.

As the blurb of the book depicts that it is basically a beautiful love story of two loving hearts, Asif and Mihika. The book commence as we make out that Asif goes for a venture. He wishes to meet Mihika. While he was heading to Calcutta , Asif narrates his wondrous love tale to a train passenger, Arjit. In short span of time they both become fond of each other and share their stories. They discuss about their loved ones and speak out the untold story of their hearts. The book takes us to the glimpses of past i.e. to Asif’s school days. As it is said that friends are the flowers in the garden of life. So, The story also includes Asif’s best friends since childhood. They are Sameer, Manik, and Nalin. The flashback clearly depicts the immense love of Asif and Mihika towards each other. In the book, Asif described his love for Mihika form the very first day of his school days which is able to please the senses or mind aesthetically. Gradually, they both were divinely, drunkenly and serenely in love with each other.

The foremost part of the story throws enormous questions to readers. Why Asif was going to Mihika? What were the reasons of his hurry to make his way to Calcutta at any cost? Does he finally meet his love, Mihika? Do they both come together? Or has he lost his love forever? Is this a tale of long lost love? And many more. The end clearly answers all your questions.

The book certainly represents the true love which is the soul’s recognition of it’s counterpart in another. Several poems and phrases are also used in the book which are fetching and captivating. The author described his feelings and sentiments in a very enthralling manner. Each and every moment spent by Asif and Mihika is heart warming and affecting for readers.

The story is tinged with the common elements of life such as love, friendship, family which are associated to all possible individuals out there. The author brings out the quotidian situations of real life in a noticeable way. All the emotions linked to love, affection, care, intimacy, friendliness, compassion, pain, agony, concern are lucidly shown in the book. The author’s writing style is simply amazing.

For me, it was undoubtedly a fascinating and an interesting read. I feel that inspite of the fact that this is author’s first book, he did an outstanding job. Even the minute details of the plot given by the author, is praiseworthy. This book for sure can able to hold one’s attention and even can make people understand the real meaning and interpretation of love. The gravity and deepness of commitment, loyalty, dedication and devotion in a relationship is distinctly presented in the story. The value and significance of deep affection and love is illustrated by the author. One can verily be engrossed with the flow of the story.

According to me, though the storyline was simple but the way how the author represented it through his eloquent words is indeed very remarkable. The choice of words, sentences, expressions is excellent. The readers feel connected and can relate themselves to every single emotion of Asif and Mihika’s story.

Besides that, I find the front cover of the book is very appealing. For me, at the first sight it grabbed my attention towards it. The picture of two bright, lustrous, gleaming and shiny rings is brilliant.

Overall, the book is worth a read. For all romantic folks out there, this is a must read for you all. People who enjoy romantic tales woven with strands of poetic prose, this is a book for you.

Some exceptionally beautiful lines from the book which I found truly impressive-

I feel your presence in air.
The pair as us is very rare.
From far away your face flares,
I blush to know you are there.
There is no one with whom I can compare.
You are the beauty of this universe I declare.
With the words and the love that I share,
I wanted to let you know I care.
With The feelings to lose you I scare..
I’ll simply die, if I lose, beware..
From the earth to sky’s Seventh layer,
My love in only you, I swear..


Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

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