Review of J.U.I.C.E


Title : J.U.I.C.E

Author : Mohit Jain

“J.U.I.C.E:Flavors of Management” by Mohit Jain deals with management theories in an impressive manner making reader glued to it and at the end feed readers mind with a clear concept of management,marketing and economics, quoting lucrative examples.

As the back cover says ‘We like story books.On thr other hand, majority of the students do not feel like reading academic books because they find them difficult to understand.J.U.I.C.E contains different stories explaining the concepts of Economics and Management.Readers would not feel that they are reading something relevant to their academics bit still by the end of it, they would attain a lot of knowledge regarding these subjects.Our motto is to make people view these subjects from a different perspective and expand the horizon of their thinking.’

One thing I’ve noticed of Mohit Jain’s book is- interesting and unique names where the reader couldn’t get any clue what he/she is going to read.But the very moment reader moved further towards the blurb, he/she would clearly know whether the book is near to their interest or not.On the other hand, an inviting,mild and artistic cover design gains reader attention frequently.

A feather-coated language has been used by the author.Author also knew which question would strike readers’s mind and he had framed all the questions and answers in the book very-well leaving reader with a clear thought of the topic refraining all the doubts.

With the help of diagrams,charts and figures and cute animations he had explained the fundamentals in a practical way, offering readers practical knowledge of the subject,so that one could easily remember the thing for life-time.Even though I don’t belong to Marketing and Management field, I was enjoying in letting know the nuances of these subjects. The best thing I found in this book is the way author has defined and proved Mother as the best Economist. He explained his thoughts impressively and humourously giving significant examples. I never knew that Economics and Management could be this much interesting.

The students who use to mug up things just because they couldn’t understand the subject properly,this book is made for you.You will get numorous examples to relate and better understand the subject.

Author has juiced up the best he could in order to better understand readers the tactics and techniques of marketing and management.Students go and grab this book asap, and feed your mind with the important fundamentals of management.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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