Review of Lady,you’re not a Man!

Author- Apurva Purohit


“Lady you’re not a man” by Apurva Purohit who is the CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM , is one of the best book I’ve come across. It basically deals with the unusual and exciting experiences of a woman at work. And undoubtedly this truly is an inspiring & an entertaining book.

As the blurb says that the book is narrated in three sections which are grand essentials for any woman who wish to succeed either as a efficient homemaker or as a successful working lady. They are as follows:-




The foremost part of the book depicts the need to accept oneself & get acquainted with as you really are. The short stories deals with women who experience guilt when they compromise with either the responsibilities of home or their talent, the multitasking capability of woman, modern woman who no longer thinks that suffering is seen as righteous, stereotype thinking vanishing, woman becomes wise with age, woman who feels comfortable in her own skin which is a sign of confidence and self esteem & also the need for women to deal with their internal demons. The next significant part deals with adaptation. Here the short tales depicts the adventures of woman who faces obstacles in life with a positive mindset, who is hardworking , who prioritizes her schedule as per requirement, who tries earnestly to receive help and support from her family, who trains her husbands who can organize home in her absence, who works as a team player for her family,who builds relationships beyond work with employees & which eventually also decides that whether you prove to be a victim or a heroine of your life!! The last but a very important part of the book deals with achievement. The short stories here presents the life of a woman in which author highlighted the matters related to their good fortune & luck, to maintain one’s individuality & originality, the proper time for marriage & motherhood , the technique to deal with male & female subordinates, the sheer happiness to be single & free, there’s no need of reservations for women to be victorious, need of ‘men’toring of future generations, maintaining a good name & repute , and also to appreciate oneself at times & celebrate success.

I feel that this book is a must read for each and every woman. The author described the ventures of women in a very frank and a practical manner. The book reveals the startling realities related to a woman’s life. A woman life basically revolves around her career & her married life. Through simple short stories the author is capable in giving some of the most overwhelming tips to handle any kind of situation that occurs in a woman’s day to day life either at home or at office. The fundamental aim of author is to make a woman realize that to lead a happy & a fulfilling life it is important to efficiently maintain a balance between home & work. The author narrated real life instances to make it very clear that there’s no need to sacrifice your talent & brilliance for your marriage but rather a woman can be a multitask manager with an extensive support provided by her family. The author emphasized on the three extremely major points for a woman to lead a contented & a peaceful life namely acceptance , adaptation & achievement.I loved the way how the author is successful in imparting immense knowledge of work-life balance with an amazing simplicity. A woman can entirely relate herself to the short tales in the book. The book consists of great remedies for each complication faced by a woman in her routine. This book is certainly capable to make a woman realize the worth of herself, her career, her individuality & her confidence. At the same time, the author described about the fundamentals of marriage & an utter significance to compromise & work with a well planned strategy at home which makes you an efficient home-maker. This book can be called as a guide which is composed of impressive methodology to manage several kind of people at work & home , & how to work smoothly at both the ends.

I am truly inspired & this book exerted a great influence in my life. While reading this book, I realized that it is like a set of tools to succeed professionally & personally. I came to know about the most astonishing facts which are part of a woman’s life. As a student, it really helped me to understand how things work at office & at home. It answered all my untold questions which was incredible. Through hilarity & simplicity the author depicted some of the supreme issues of a woman’s life which is commendable. I liked the plausible explanation of author. The author indeed deserves a huge amount of appreciation for describing various things in such an exceedingly simple yet effective manner. I became fully aware of particular things which can be resolved through a very pragmatic approach. Author’s words of wisdom are truly impressive & one can grasp abundant amount of knowledge through it. It cleared my confusion & bewilderment about certain things. At present, I am more serene & self assured. I am well informed about diverse issues & situations related to a woman’s life for which I am set .My personal experience with the book was very enlightening.

Rating- 5/5

Reviewer- Shivani Chauhan

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