Review of Legacy

Title : LEGACY


Author : Mohan Prasad




In today’s era youngsters lack the maturity and understanding.  They really don’t know what is happening in the outer world and what had happened in the past. The history of their nation is still unknown to some of them. Through this book author has illuminated  some parts of the history sailing around a very nice story.


As the blurb goes : The search is on, not for something concrete but abstract. Anita and Darshan, two teenagers in love, explore the land they love and the people they live among, driven by their dreams of making an ideal society out of a chaotic India. They learn from their own heroes-thankfully India abounds in great men and women. But fate betray them. Their ideologies diverge and the road forks.

Darshan ends up an acclaimed healer; Anita becomes a dreaded Naxal Strategist. Love, both presence and absence of it; runs through the tale, while Indian history unfolds for a free, but confused generation.


If we focus on the meaning of the title then it has several meanings. But which one is really related to the book? Well the readers out there you can only find out the answer of this question when you start travelling through the different chapters of the book which are sketched by the author. The meaning according to me is –‘something handed out from an ancestor from the past’ as the story focuses on the adulthood memories of Shankar (protagonist’s father) and flashbacking about the historical events.



The language of the book is simple which makes it easy for novice readers to complete the reading journey without any hindrance. The blurb of the book is effective and is enough to tell a reader what is covered up in the book. And after going through the book blurb, the reader will be hinged with the book in no time. The story is quite adventurous and swivels around the incidents of Darshan’s life who along with his love wants the things happening around his country sway in different way.


The narration done by the author provides a smooth flow to the story. Author has done a good work in this book. I must say he had gone over with a fine tooth comb to submerge his thoughts in this book. If the reader loses attention while reading the very first chapter of the book then it will be difficult to understand the later part. This book needs a lot of attention at some places to grab the things in mind.


In the beginning, protagonist thinks about the time when his father was telling him his story and the past events which he had faced and learned. The way a small child asks questions in the book is commendable showing the feeling of curiosity. This feature of the book will clasp a reader’s mind and will make the reader hooked from the beginning till the end. Author’s efforts and skills of relating the story with the Indian history makes the book an interesting read.


A story having pinch of love, hope, sufferings, teachings and history. Recommended to patriotic and all the history lover readers out there.


Rating : 4.5/5


Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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