Review of Light on Death

Author- J.Philips Jones


Death is a mystery to everyone.A tragic phenomenon everyone has to believe on.But what actually is death.Why everyone has to face death? What happens after one dies? Many of such questions about death might strike your mind.But do you really get the answers?

‘Light On Death’ , a spiritual art of dying by J.Philips Jones focuses on the phenomenon ‘death’.Author J.Philips Jones gives light on the last rite of passage,caring for the soul, dying in higher consciousness, souls and their destinations and grieving and end of the sorrow.

This book is divided into chapters to focus on every topic very effectively.Author has also potrayed examples to not to make it completely philosphical and boring.The examples set made an effective impression and holds the power of explaining the theory on death in simple and understable language through liable tales.

The only thing I dont like about this book- the font style seemed cunning to my eyes.Rest all is beautiful and a good book it is if you want to try something unique and useful to know about.

This might be not one’s preferable book,but I would like to prefer this book who has questions regarding death and who usually jolts with the meaning of death.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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