Review of Little Miracles

Compiled by Dan Zadra and Susan Carlson


Some books are made to keep in your pockets,with you always wherever you go. Such tiny pretty books assures you that you are not alone in your path.They are always with you in the rise and the fall.

‘Little Miracles’,cherished messages of hope,joy,love,kindness and courage compiled by Dan Zadra with Susan Carlson is a little book in which 170 thoughts are encapsulated in a pretty way which holds the fragrance of hope,joy,love,kindness and courage. All these thoughts are given by some great human beings and not by a single person.

Dan Zadra and Susan Carlson collected some really good thoughts and came up with this ‘little miracles’ book.Though it is very small in size but its content contains more strength.

Thoughts to inspire and celebrate,thoughts to help and guide,thoughts to rejoice and rekindle,thoughts which owe the power to turn on the light.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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