Review of Living Inside

Title: Living Inside


Poet: Gopal Lahiri 




To a poet, poems are like elixir of life and to readers it’s like a soothing wave that enriches’s life’s health. Gopal Lahiri’s book,’Living Inside’, which is a compilation of poems works like a delightful rain soothing each of your emotion.After reading his book,I was sure that he is the poet who has maturity in his writing style which spills magic in his work.


Coming to the title of the book, I don’t know why poet has titled this book as Living Inside, all I know is that all the poems present in this book states that they are coming straight from the poet’s heart and strikes reader’s heart i.e all the poems makes a place in reader’s heart in order to live inside.


In this book, poems are not only focused on a single theme,rather it is a compilation where poet has  presented his thoughts using multiple shades and successfully draws them into the canvas of the reader’s mind.His poems though less in weight but expresses more, holding the delight of reading journey.Directly or indirectly his poems talks a lot with the readers sharing his thoughts and ideas with the reader and simultaneously instilling them into reader’s mind.


Although I was not that much happy with the quality of pages and cover design,but nothing matters when the content makes you feel happy and satisfied.But if quality was could,it could have been matter.Although it could be challenge for the newbies in the poetry world but if you want to learn how to ingrain maturity and life in poems,this a good book which showcases the same art.


A book recommended to poetry lovers!


Rating: 5/5


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari 

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