Review of Love @ Air Force

Author- Gaurav Sharma


Love @ Air Force by Gaurav Sharma, is a heart touching and ravishing tale of 36 year old officer Dr. Shabd Mishra, presented in a very humorous way. Satisfactorily enjoyable with crunchy bites of laughter which is credited to the presence of Sushil- protagonist of the story. A reader is easily captivated as his eyes and heart are simultaneously glued to the book.

The protagonist of the story, sergeant Sushil works in the Air Force met his school friend Shabd there,a friend he has been separated from for 20 good years.
Despite not being fascinated to join the Air Force, Shabd’s true love towards Soumya from school days drags him to join the force.

In the middle, I thought the story would end up uniting Shabd and Soumya.But the entrance of a new character in the story Dr. Sarmishtha Banerjee,their school buddy gives new wings to the story.

My favourite character from the story is Sushil. The comic ambiance created by him after every few pages enthralled me most.

The author has done good research about life in defence, and to crown his effort- he excellently presents his findings in a fiction form. The author portrays his thoughts concisely and he has done justice with every character. I liked the poems he introduced in the book; apt for the tale.

The book is classically unique unlike most other love story books. It is a book written with good sense of humor,matured writing style and it is spicy like the love stories of years long gone.

Though the story somehow makes one sober, but the fragrance of true love perceived while perusing the book gladdens a reader.

A roller coaster ride of four school friends who are directly or indirectly connected to the Air Force. Yes,’Love@Air force’ is the most suitable title for the book. It is a very well narrated book, moistened with plethora of emotions.


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