Review of Love with an Ice-Cream wala

Title : Love with an Ice-cream wala

Author : Amit Pandit


Ambition chosen over love and friends seems to happen oftenly nowadays.Success and richness succeeded to some extent to beat relationships.But for how long? “Love with an Ice-cream wala”, debut fiction of Amit Pandit ,roams around the same story and says if you are loyal and good then everything happens for the good, as God has to pay back to you.

As the back cover says : ‘ Amit understands the pain that is love and has avoided any romantic involvement for a long time since Janvi walked out of his life. But the discovery of an old note claiming that she had loved him turns his life upside down. He decides to find Janvi & demand some answers.Things take a more interesting turn with the entry of an enigma of a girl- Aahna. She makes Amit’s heart skip a beat and he starts feeling things he had decided never to feel again.
The rest, as they say,is history.’

A cute and lovely cover ostentatiously presents itself.Blurb doesn’t offer something unique and lacks the catchy element to attract readers though it strigently gives the innuendo about the story.To talk about the title,it couldn’t bring out any applicable connotations.

From the beginning ,I was trying to correlate the title of the story,and at last I got the hint at the very end of the story and is quite in favour of the story.The only hitch comes out there is if this is the main story,then the author needs to focus more on this one giving a glimpse of what happened in the past.This would help to create a lasting effect over reader’s mind.

First half has nothing much to grab and holds a common story,but the second half takes a turn and brings in an interesting flavour in the story. I very-much like the way it ends.It has an emotional touch to it which makes the story simply beautiful and unpredictable it is.Storyline is nice and also implimented in a nice manner,but a better implementation could make the story alluring.

The book is lemned with a simple language.Moderate writing style has been adopted by the author which offers easy to go with ride.To comment on the pace of the story,it goes in the middle-of-the-road,portraying the story in a well manner.

The potholes I noticed in the book are:
Linking of episodes could be done in a better way to make it more real and relatable.Conversations needs to be healthy.

A simple story and a light read!

Rating :3.2/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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