Review of Love,That Shit!


Author- Chandru Bhojwani

‘Love,that Shit!’ by Chandru Bhojwani is a self- help book that deals boldly with such topics which are knowingly or unknowingly,many or some ,are part of everyone’s life.This book is woven with author’s perception and thoughts about relationships and love ,and in which direction they fly portraying images of today’s scenario.

As the back cover says-‘
Like a rollercoaster, relationships have their
nauseating ups, downs, twists and turns… Sure,
like a rollercoaster, relationships are also fun and
exciting but what happens when the ride isn’t as
smooth as you thought it would be? What do
you do when you want to get off the ride but
disengaging the safety harness is a lot harder
than you thought? Or simply, what if you’re
finding it difficult to get on a ride in the first
place, especially when there isn’t a height

…Unfortunately, relationships don’t come with
perforated edges and Love, That Shit! (LTS)
hopes to help you through the process of getting
into, dealing with and even the aftermath of
relationships. What sets LTS apart is its
contemporary approach, aimed at enlightening
while simultaneously, entertaining.

Challenging norms and common thinking at
times, LTS hopes to keep you chuckling, or at
least smiling, as you embark on the journey and
absorb its message.’

First look at the book,literally didnt give any idea what actually the content of the book is.From the back cover and the title,I was expecting an another youth story where romance,love,cheat would revolve around.But,it is completely different from what I’ve thought. It consists of various mindsets of people and will let you know how much it is right or how much it is wrong.A book amalgamated with thinking of modern people and how’s,why’s,when’s,where’s,what’s questions with their answers plunged to it.

Some humorous funny realities are also involved in the book along with valuable messages for gaining readers’ interest and not to let them down with just knitting up philosphies.The philosphy of love and relationship author demonstrated in the book is acceptable and commendable.Though bitter but true realities has been shared by the author.The value of relationships in today’s era and old times has been nicely compared with humorous statements.

Author’s hard and well researched work is lucidly shown in the book. The author very well knows how to mould the words artistically and present them in an eloquent way.I think,this book is a must read book for everyone,specially for youths! This book could be a tough pack for novices because of the way words are winded up but an entertaining read even for those who don’t read self-help book.All in all, an intelligent, humorous and witty piece of literature festooned with realities of life.

Rating – 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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