Review of ‘Maharaja In Denims’

mid Author- Khushwant Singh

‘Maharaja in Denims’ by Khushwant Singh is a book perfect for history lover. A flavored mingle tale of history and intrigue,marking the suspense till the end and holding back emotions at the end seemed quite impossible.

The title and cover seems appealing and unique to me when I hold it in my hands. The attire of Maharaja cladded in Denims seems aesthetic. From the combination of colors to the style of inscription I would rate five out of five stars to the title and cover.

Coming to the story, Hari,the protagonist of the story,an 18 year old guy belonged to a sikh family hails from Chandigarh who was suppose to be the incarnation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh when the flashback of his past life started haunting him and his girlfriend Suzzane.Suzzane tried every possible effort to reach to the truth and find out the mystery behind Maharaja Ranjit Singh,the lion of Punjab and his boyfriend past’s life. This created a beautiful ambiance. The story took its pace when Hari dwell in its past life

Through the author’s imagination his idea of coming up with a new era story encapsulated in history proved to be an aesthetic part. Though at some points history seemed to be stretched but it was required to make the story worthy at times.

An interesting story with fresh concept which will captivate you in its arm till the end but you just need to cope with the history part.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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