Review of Mastering Public Speaking


Author- Dorothy Lynn & Jessica Selasky

‘Mastering Public Speaking’, Excercise Your Body Parts & Build Your Speaking Skills by Dorothy Lynn & Jessica Selasky is an indeed helpful book for those who has stage fear or who gets nervous while speaking infront of public.One may say it a guide book ,as it tell us step by step methods as how to overcome from this problem.

As the back cover says-‘Do you need to Speak like a Pro?
(And Still Do Your Real Job?)

Here is our guide to good speaking.No nonsense,no theory- just the facts you need to know to speak with enthusiasm and confidence.
Imagine how confident you’ll feel when you :

-Lose your nervousness
-Get ready to speak faster & better
– Feel totally prepared
– Capture & hold audience attention
– Speak extemporaneously -no more tedious memorizing
– Quit giving boring presentations
– Love (okay,like) to get up in front of people

Use this book every time you make a speech or give a presentation Your audience will be glad you did.

This book shows six and a half steps to overcome from our stage fear and public speaking.Six steps are as follows-

Analyze your fear of public speaking

This section is most important.This section help us to know where actually our fear lies.Until and unless we couldnt analyze our weak point we couldn’t kill it.

Narrow your focus

Focus and concentration is what required in every work.Combine Head and Heart:You and your audience,this is what this step basically says.

Assemble the pieces and parts of your speech

This step tells us about the guidlines of business presentations,how to come up with Superb Opening and Strong Closings and how to shake the skeleton.

Tackle the details

This section tells us guidelines for using a flip chart,computer generated presentations,rough drafting and such kind of things which will help us to guide presentation skills.

Observe yourself

It says to be natural,be prepared and enthusiastic.The PEP formula for introduction is what I like most in this section.

Make a great speech

Apart of speaking confidently and in a proper way, we must have a great speech with us.This sections tells us how to calm our body,stay on time,put out mind at ease,control our butterflies and body parts’ role in communication and prepare a great speech.

Half Step:YOU
The last step tells you that the best speakers are those who are willing to tell their own truth,whatever that is.So true and so required.

Some good quotes are amalgamated in this book to boost up the reader’s confidence.’Work it out’ section is very useful and worthy and is must to do.If you don’t pay attention to this part then all will go in vain.As learning a task is different thing and practising it is different.

Many of us are not good public speakers.Though we have good communication skills,but sometimes we go lack of courage and confidence and so we ruined our image.Public speaking is required in almost every successful position.So,it is a must thing.For me,this book works as a great guide.Pick up this book,if you are suffering from the same disease.It will help you to learn alot as all the key features are there in the book.


Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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