Review of Masters of Lygrenn

Title : Masters of Lygrenn


Author : Arjun Pawar




Blurb : “In an era dominated by the saints rises a Kingdom where sins are committed regularly. A Kingdom ruled by a noble King but misled by his cruel Masters. Hamish, the cruellest Master with a dream of conquering the world, faces a challenge from an ordinary boy, who in search of his answers finds the reason for his existence. Fire God, the most powerful and loyal Master of the King, is stuck in a dilemma of whether to support the good or the bad.


A story of brutal vengeance where there is no space for the good. Will the good rise to power?”



My View : The author kick starts the story with the introduction of  tribes known as Ucchastam, Madhyastam and Nichastam.The story revolves around the acquisition of the tribe,King,mantris and the usual drama such stories hold,fighting for the Kingdom,betrayal,game played by the clever minds,unveiling the facets and many more.


Author’s narrating style hints about his inclination towards such stories.He portrays the events in such a manner that each of them can be visualized with ease and  that too without any in-depth description of environment.But when it comes to romance and love, it seems animated and cannot be felt and lived with the characters.Although, the events of romance and love, appeared only once, that too doesn’t play a major play, but since it being a part of the story,I thought to mention this point.


Inauguration of the story is bit low and faded as it mostly involves description and characterization.The story climbs a level up when an unnamed character comes into picture,there begins the visit of thrill and excitement.Reader’s mind would jostle to hear about the upcoming events,as the story invites anxiety in reader’s mind.Author  has adopted a simple writing style to festoon his story and at the same time his words describes very-well of the conditions.



The events are quite fresh in nature and do justice with the theme chosen by the author.The flow of the story is maintained quite dexterously.The series of events offered to the reader one after another grasps reader’s attention progressively as they started to progress in the journey.The essence of the book envelops reader throughout the journey. Reader would feel his/her involvement in different episodes.



No event is stretched unnecessarily, he paused the events before it becomes boring or dull to the readers.He provides pause to the events with great ease and comfort and readers wouldn’t get slightest hint as when events are switching.



In between, some words are missing and misplaced, but that happened to notice at very few places, that’s why that doesn’t come as a hindrance in the reading journey.The story is so fast-paced in nature that it was hard to keep track of time.If the time has been mentioned (in years)before the beginning of the event,then it would have been more easy to sail and comprehend the scenes at proper time.


Through the story author also coveys a message to the readers.In his words


One should never stop dreaming, instead he should fight for it to achieve and never lose the self-belief in self.



Rating : 4.3/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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