Review of Meet the Strings

Author- Chetan Jaiman


‘Meet the Strings’,tale of emotions by Chetan Jaiman is a short story anthological book having nine intelligent stories based on different themes and stitched with plethora of emotions.

Inquisitive stories penned with clever imaginations.Almost every story in this book leaves an unhidden or hidden message at the end.The quality writing style when mixed with uprooted imagination gives humourous tales linked with emotions, showing variety of facets.The author has the pace to drive readers towards his writing.

‘A winter night’
is a classic tale mingled with present and past tunes with an emotional end.

‘Tale of her thoughts’ is a heart touching story festooned with an odd facet of life pouring out a lady’s heart.

Postmeridian: Part 1 and Part 2 is my favourite story among all.I was glued to it till the end to unfold the mystery it holds.Highly imaginative story and suspense is very well created giving an unexpected end.

‘Stories about Borders’
is a flamboyant love story of two couples mingled in a gracious way.

‘The Guilt’ is a tale of Vivek’s regret and guilt of what he did in his unconscious state.The theme was good and the way author potrayed it is likeable.

‘Cybin Demise’
is a simpatico tale of an old lady Belusha Smith of experiencing death when it was not actually at the doorsteps.

‘Love behind Shadow’ is a story of Pooja drawned with suspense of her tragic life.Author is very good in creating suspense to let his readers glued to his stories.

‘An hour of truth’ is a compact story of a prostitute delivering the message of ‘self esteem’.

I wish few more stories would be there in the book to enthral my heart.


Reviewer- Shweta Kesari

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