Review of My Life Story

Author- Arti Honrao


‘My Life Story’ by Arti Honrao plugged with variant stages of exemplar’s life.From the beginning to the end ,author has made her pen stiff and narrated the story in a constant flow.

As the blurb goes-‘My Life Story is the story of Kavya who believes in living each day as it comes.As she narrates her story we realize how her carefree nature extinguishes in the storms of her life and how she finally learns to take her own decisions.

Leaving her house to marry the man of her choice and beginning life anew,she finally finds herself standing face to face with her family during a critical situation.What happens then plays a major role in shaping her life.

During the course of this journey,she meets Shantanu,who has a positive influence on her life.How she copes with the challanges of her life and how she struggles to find her lost individuality is the center-point of this story!

The story also lays emphasis on how her love for her husband blinds her and forces her to undergo emotional turmoil till finally she decides to fight back.

What role does Shantany play in her life?What happens in her life that almost brings her to the stage of losing her sanity?Does she succeed in coming out of all these? Does she turn out to be a survivor? Read along as Kavya tells us her story….’

From the very beginning author is successful in creating the suspense on Rohan’s side.After every next page I was waiting for the time when Rohan’s true image came infront of Kavya. Author’s writing style has vividness which will make sequence of images in your mind.

As the story was stepping ahead I was getting glued to it.The end was unexpecting as I was expecting it to end on a positive note as Kavya has already gone through a lot and at last she deserves to be happy.

This is a diminutive book one could easily complete in a single sit. This book is for those who counts pages before reading;for those readers who are afraid of thick books.I rarely read novella and I am more into novels.But author’s simple and compact narration style made me to like this book too and to complete it without any pause.

Rating- 3.7/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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