Review of Myriad Hues

Title : Myriad Hues

Poetess : Rachna Gupta


‘Poems’, call it magic, augury or whatever it cast its spell amiably when written straight from the heart.Rachna Gupta’s debut poetry book,’Myriad Hues’, consists of twenty-eight poems that are penned on different things and are coated with different perceptions,thoughts, feelings and imaginations of the poetess.

As the back cover says : ‘ To me writing is a companion, a shadow that has always been there for me. In good days and bad, nothing has cheered me up as much as putting my thoughts on paper. I have cried while writing some poems and I have also smiled, thinking about the happy thoughts that bring out the words of euphoria in my writing. “Myriad Hues” is as much about me and my life as yours; thefeelings that I have spoken about are universal. We all feel because our emotions are the same, despite the fact that the situation occurs at different times. My work is also about nature; this wonderful creation that we have been bestowed with! It’s about nurturing our environment and caring about it. And yes, my poems are about the omnipresent God and my conversations and encounters with Him.’

First of all,the sleek book welcomes me with a facile cover design which looks nice.Talking about the title,it seems very catchy and I found it apt for this poetry book.It is evident from the blurb, what is poetry to the poetess.Her emotions attached to them and the way poetry soothes her life.

Unspoken words, buried feelings, lost emotions,beauty of nature comes into existence when someone provides a soul to them.Poetess in this book, brings many such things into existence and poured her heart out infront of readers.

The book starts to accelerate with a very simple poem which is penned down in a lucid manner and it very cleary mimcs poetess’ thoughts.From there on, I kept on discovering different poems penned by her and completed it in a single sit.Merely it took twenty minutes to complete this book.Yes,you’ve heard it right! Just twenty minutes.Very simple words she has used to present her thoughts, that even a novice reader could understand easily.Simplicity in language and thoughts makes the reading journey a light-read.

Also she has chosen simple topics,easy to deal with, and one could understands very-well what she actually wants to deliver to the readers.From her views about a particular thing to commemoration or reminiscing,she has portrayed her thoughts in a nice manner.

So, about the downfalls of the book, I would say that this book is perfect for the one who is new or who reads poetry very rarely.But when it comes to those who are ardent readers of poetry, they may found it way simple as they always look for something which is out of the box or something which could swing their mood to a whole new level.So,I would conclude it in this way that poems should speak something very unique or articulation should be done in a more appealing way.Albeit, some poems really touched my heart.And I hope and wish that in her next book, all the poems would be able to cast immortal spell.

I would recommend this book specially to those readers who are new in the reading-spree or who wants to start reading poems but found it difficult to understand.You wouldn’t have to face any such problems while reading this book.So, just go and grab your book and welcome yourself in this wonderful world of words.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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