Review of Never say Goodbye…


Author- Rajiv Seth

‘Never say Goodbye… : bonds are forever’ by Rajiv Seth is an exceptional story in its own way.A story,which turns the pages of life of two doctors and draws out an interesting plot.The story revolves around two doctors and the extra marital affair taken place between them, and their ideology of not going against ethics.A romantic tale which also clutches a message for readers.

As the back cover says-‘Meet Akash- a doctor- single,contended,happy in his world of patients.And then,all of a sudden…

“Have I fallen in love?” he asked himself.
He knew the answer.And he knew he was walking into a maze.It wasn’t as if she was unattached.She was married- and she was ‘committed’ , as she had said.The maze would be endless,and the logical thing was to get out.But when you get into a maze,how do you get out? Which path takes you out and which path takes you deeper in?

And meet Anjali- also a doctor,always looking for more from life,driven by an urge to do much more than just medicine,always reaching for the stars.And then,she meets Aakash…

“Let me tell you one thing,if you haven’t already understood,” she said.”This is my house- this is where I stay.Home is where I live – where my heart and soul live.And I do hope you know where that is!”

Very quickly they move from being just friends,to becoming soul-mates,and then to being lovers.

Will their relationship remain as entwined as the DNA in human cells? Or will it explode into nothing-ness?’

The cover beguiled my eyes with its simplicity and smartness to speak of the story book holds.The simple writing style and a constant flow in the story made me to continue the story and grabbed my attention from the beginning. I felt as if this book is written by a doctor instead of an engineer.Though not belonging from the medical field,author flamboyantly portrayed biological words, treaments,diseases to give a perfect ambiance to the story as what the story demands.Simple and trenchant poems are used which added romantic ambiance to the novel and apt for the scene where they are quoted.

This story gives light on a fight between right and wrong.To remember our ethics, and not to go against it.The message what author wants to give in this book is nicely portrayed in the form of a story.The downfall of this book I found is sometimes a way long description of biological things are elaborated,whereas where it is required, it is given in an apt illustrated way.As the story paces up,an unexpected end was waiting for me,and that’s what I thought is the backbone of this book.A different end which speaks of something unique and bold.

Medical students would definitely enjoy this book.Though I’m not a medical student, it was an interesting read for me as well.Light and easy read where readers could feel involved and comfort with much ease.Your taste would define whether you like the story or not.

Rating- 3.9/5

Reviewer: Shweta Kesari

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