Review of No Love Stories, Please !

Title : No Love Stories, Please !


Author : Imran Siddiqui






Blurb : 

“Many a times, it so happens in life that nobody is wrong. Nobody’s intention is wrong for anybody. Yet everybody is unhappy. The entire environment gets filled with frustration and negativity. It’s ok until this point. Yet as things continue, to see each other happy, one of them becomes bad in the eyes of the other and even starts doing bad things, just to see the other person happy.

Perhaps seeing these sad conditions of a human being’s life Shakespeare has said,
“Time itself is corrupt.” He adds that there is no such thing as a hero or villain, as most of the time a hero is not a hero, but a villain. Sometimes, the villain himself turns out to be a hero, which means sometimes in just one character, we find both the hero and the villain. It is just not possible to imagine a hero and a villain as a separate entity, because time itself is corrupt.


My view : 

A very tempting cover snatches reader’s attention from everything else.For a romantic-novel reader, the cover works as a fuel and ignites the fire within him/her to fetch the content  author has kept for them behind the cover the very moment. Even the title seems very pleasing and attractive and forces reader’s mind to wonder about the recipe author has in store for his readers.


All the stories that it comprises of are already told in same or another way.I couldn’t feel the freshness in the plot,and the art to mold the story in an artistically way so that reader could enjoy the fruit with some flavour is all missing.His manner of presenting thoughts before readers lacks maturity.His style of portration seems simple,but it fails to cuddle readers in its arms.Even the conversation seems lifeless.The soul of the book is somewhere missing.


Excessive use of words like anyways,actually doesn’t feel friendlier,it breaks the connection between the reader and the author, the connection that the whole bunch of words tried to do for so long.In almost every fifth paragraph, I could point this word,’anyways’ which irked me to a great extent,that I felt like removing all the’anyways’ from  the book then and there itself.



Finishing and smoothing is required in the work along with humour, if it wants to emblazons before readers.It might work for a novice reader,but I don’t think any ardent reader would find this book worth of his/her time.Some of the stories may enchant readers at some place or other.


More efforts are required from author’s side.I think reading and comprehending from the other’s writings could do a great great to his skills.He just need to polish what he knows.



Reviewer : Shweta Kesari 

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