Review of Of Love and Lovers

Title : Of Love and Lovers

Author : Pamela Singh Mathur


How many times love stories has been trashed when cast difference works as a throne in between relationship?”Of Love & Lovers”, focusses on the same phenomenon in a beautiful and friendly manner.The story conveys the long over made tradition that is still being followed by people.


A rocky relationship with an NRI coupled with a tragic, personal loss has made Samantha somewhat cynical in matters of the heart.

Shipra and Vikas are aware of the consequences of their love.Will their relationship stand the test of time?

Aditya has to choose between his love and his family’s expectations of him.Is he capable of making the right choice?

Spanning across Toronto and Mumbai, the lives of these four interest dramatically when Samantha comes to India on an exchange program.

Will the power of love assert itself or will it bow down under the weight of the obstacles in its path?’

The cover seems attention- seeker at first sight.Also,when you completely go through the story you would get to know what the cover actually wants to convey, and it showcases the story nicely.Title will instantly grab reader’s attention, if he/she is seeking for a love-story.Blurb is basically in the form of interrogation, but holds the power to convey what the story would be all about.

I like the concept of the story very much, relatable and approaching.So far, many stories have been pen down taking the same concept, but among them this is the best book I came across with.It is inter-woven with simplicity and ended on a good note, giving readers a message, because such cases happen offenly.

The authoress has lemned the story with utter simplicity and portration has been done in a precise manner.One could also easily complete this book in a single go.Unlike, many other love-stories this story has something different to tell and approaches the reader in a friendly manner.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with this book and is worth-a-read!Novice as well as ardent readers can go through this book with ease.A light read!

Rating : 3.7/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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