Review of ‘Over The Top’

Zig Ziglar


‘Over The Top’ by Zig Ziglar is a life turner book and very genuisely written.’Moving from survival to stability,from stability to success,from success to significance.’ This quote itself says the definition of life and being in the top.

This book is filled with principles worth to incorporate in life.This book is one among those book I would like to include in my list of good ‘self-motivation’ books.Yes,I’ll put it in my top reading list.

This book focuses on how to become ‘best-fit’ in your field and how to build your image best in your work.

Zig Ziglar teaches many lessons through this book.He not only taught to be good in sales and marketing or in any particular field,but also in how we can live our life to the best.The principles taught in this book are purely motivational and highly influencing.

I’ve read a ‘self motivational’ book from this author for the very first time and I wish to read more books from the same author to make my life more energized.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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