Review of Paradise Lost and Regained

Title : Paradise Lost and Regained

Author : Ratnadip Acharya


Blurb : Whispered the forest & its trees, ‘Little deer, tell us your story again.’
Smiled I & asked, ‘What will you gain hearing it time & again?’
Replied the forest at once, ‘It is not just a story of a deer,
but of we all—forest, earth, sky, trees, wind and river.
It is a testimony to trust, love, hope & courage
that we will all remember for ages.’
With a smile, again I began to narrate my story,
which breathed my love, fear, success, failure & glory.
It spanned from my birth in the forest to human captivity,
from where I escaped to explore life’s other possibility.
Everywhere and every moment I received help from Nature,
& it taught me to experience life from closer.
I learnt that the other name of life is Mystery,
and that it is beautiful with all its unknown twists and unpredictability.
Once I finished my narration, the forest was throbbing with life,
there prevailed only peace, silence & joy, and no strife.
‘Name your story,’ breathed the forest and every living entity it contained.
Thought I for a while and replied…
‘Paradise Lost & Regained.’

My view : The title Paradise Lost and Regained doesn’t unfold so much about the story which book carries. The title is singing a simple message that the heaven is lost and it is attained back. After reading the title questions like why the heaven is lost? How it is regained? And who is the heaven here? may be ignited in reader’s mind as it happened with me. But as the story is rolled every question’s answer is illuminated and clearly visible. The cover of the story is captivating showing a deer looking upwards to her companions i.e. the starts, the moon and the bird.

The story is about a female deer whose life is full of adventures or I would say she fills her life with adventures. The female deer spins a yarn about her life that how she is welcomed on the earth in the forest, what she had faced, what she had learnt and what she wants to achieve in her life. She witnessed so many events that no other deer has seen or noticed yet. When she is telling about all that she had gone through to the herd of deer to which she once belong, she found that they doesn’t found any interest in her adventurous trip and lessons. By this neither she is hurt nor she collected sadness around her, she simply accepts what they feel and left to live her life with joy again as the way she was doing earlier.

A message is residing in every chapter and most of the time the messages are so true and touchy that it will reminisce the moments related to your life. All the messages will provide a poke to the reader’s mind to sail the reading voyage ahead. There are so many messages in the book which I jotted down, a few of them which are really worthy are-
To live life a joyful and blissful life you have to learn to do something happily and consciously. It is called “Let Go”.

Actual growing up means learning to accept both the pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow happily on your way to life.
Never allow an emotion to overpower you that may drag you down to a pitiable state.
The less is the doubt within you the more is the life and its celebration.
Perform the task you are assigned with love, diligence and affection.
Whatever life brings welcome it. Let your soul stand and composed before a million universe.
Apart from the above messages there are so many messages which are submerged in book and you can feel it once you will start reading the book.

At the end of the story the reader can simply locate that the heaven is the forest which is the home of all the animals. And the deer wants to go back to his home. The whole story depicts about the phases of life. The way author has mentioned about the environment of the forest is attractive. The narration of the story is laudable and the short messages which are captured in the book are boost ups for charging the reader’s mind. The story holds a moderate writing style.

Portraying such kind of stories requires more knowledge and skills. Scrutinizing the things and then whelming them in the book is a bit difficult task and making them magnetic to hold the reader’s mind is more or less like a mountain walk. The author had maintained this attention seeking quality in his book and locked me up from the beginning till the end of the story.

I couldn’t catch any downfall in the whole book. And I could say it was a book full of good thoughts and lessons.

An inspiring story having bunch of lessons about life. I would recommend it to everyone out there.

Rating : 5/5

Reviewer : Megha Biloniya

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