Review of Postcards from Memory


Author: Samir Satam

Poetry creates such essence that holds the prowess to woo heart as well as mind, and leave its lasting effect.Samir Satam’s debut book “Postcards from Memory: an anthology of poems”, is one such book that took me to a different journey of imaginations.A book that sends you many enjoyable postcards from poet
‘s witty mind.

As the back cover says ” Every moment that passes is not coming back.

Yes, there might be moments in future, like
the one you just experienced.

But it’s not going to be the same again.

The one that was, was one like itself. It cannot be replaced. It’s gone… Long gone…

Dissolved in this crazy tasting, highly intoxicating drink of life.

In an attempt to capture these bits and pieces that keep dissolving to give their distinct flavors to this colorful cocktail, I end up scribbling on my pad.

This book is a bouquet of such moments that started with my mindless scribbling and ended up in verses.

Sweet, Bitter,Sour, Sublime… Each piece has a taste of its

In this book,poet captures special moments of his life which he says can never come again.Through chords of memory, he presents various nuances of life in a simple and compact way.Not so complicated topics he chose to express his feelings, but the topics he chose are likeable and aesthetically presented. All of the poems are adored with simplicity and captures the images of our surroundings.

Poetries are divided into sections where each poem displays its own flavor and fun, and one could feel nostalgia as the poems he has complied in this book could also be a part of anyone’s life. The adjectives used for festooning ,and the comparison poet does is commendable and is heart warming.Comparing clouds to balloons of condensed water to different cakes with an eye of an innocent child ,he succeeded to pour out the feelings of his heart.A lovely book which is able to touch my heart and most importantly, it made me to write something and dwell in the world of emotions and imaginations.

Indeed ,a mood swinging book for all poetry lovers.Also, one who hasn’t tried his hands on poetry, and complains about not getting the meaning ,and couldn’t able to conclude them,this could be the book for you where simplicity in words and thoughts is woven all around. A light read book which one could easily complete in a single go ,and enjoy its delicious taste as the poems of this books are very easy to understand and has the power to drench your heart with feelings of love,pain,innocence,death and many.

Rating : 4.5/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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