Review of Power Play

Title : Power Play : Getting results your way!


Author : Mukta Mahajani




Blurb : If you are toiling away at the workplace, silently at friction with a headstrong manager, then it may be time to rethink your work strategies. 


Written as an engaging story, Power Play is about four young and aspiring project managers who struggle with authoritative, impatient and obstinate senior managers. It details their approaches to the challenges they face, one step at a time as they work to achieve their project as well as their career goals.


Power Play is a compelling read for professionals in any competitive area from start-ups to multinational establishments, and from boardroom meetings to on-site network.


From building bridges between your boss and you through excellent communication, to working on negotiation techniques for putting your perspectives across, the book teaches you how professional accomplishment is about making the right moves at the right time, irrespective of your designation.


Learn vital lessons on how to mend ways with your seniors, face stressful situations and deal with difficult colleagues.


My view :‘Power Play’ introduces you to some special tricks or ways to become a better project manager under severe circumstances.How a project manager can negotiate with their chiefs, and climb the steps of success at workplace.A book for project managers who are facing certain difficulties in their work areas or for one who are looking to become project manager in the upcoming days.This book is specially modeled for all the project managers citing all the problems one go through in their day-to-day life at workplace.




When author displays their tricks in simple words but doesn’t quote an example , it becomes hard for the readers to implement the steps in the real life scenarios.In this case,what made the journey cakewalk for readers is solution to every problem is demonstrated by a story, as how the protagonist deals with the particular condition,what steps he/she takes,and that is where reader can find a place for himself.He could very easily track the incidents and can remember how to act , when to act and what to act.If author has just served reader with philosophical stuffs, it couldn’t enter into reader’s mind with that ease.But with story, it does the trick with great ease.




The approach adopted by the author is what make this book different from others.Dealing with stuffs, project manager faces, she very-well propagates as how to deal in such states when one faces it.Excellence at work place is very-much require to excel in your professional world,but how to deal at crucial times this book would make you learn.Remembering stories are easy,and when time comes one could easily reconcile following the same steps mentioned in the book.So, this story-studded book has a way for you to become a great project manager.




It’s nearly impossible to create a win-win situation for both the parties. To make your subordinate and your superior happy at the same time, and to impress them with your actions is where most of the employees fails.With the help of this book, it becomes an easy task for project managers to make the environment comfortable for everyone he works with.



A book worth read for project managers. It is one such book they are looking for, to build healthy relationship in their professional life.



Rating : 5/5


Reviewer : Shweta Kesari


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