Review of Programming in JAVA 2

Author- Dr. K Somasundaram


‘Programming in Java 2 ‘ by Dr. K Somasundaram is a book for all those who wants to learn Java from the very basic.Though the language ‘JAVA’ is very wide,author has given light on the core subjects and is specially written for the beginners.

As the back cover says-‘The book starts with the basic concepts of object oriented programming and a concise introduction to Java language and Java archietecture.The classes, inheritance and abstract classes are explained with the help of programs.All chapters contain complete programs with outputs.In addition real life programs are stated and complete programs with outputs.Important points are highlighted and all chapters contain objective type review questions.

Key features of the book-

-Clean and crisp description and explanation

-Hard to understand concepts are explained through appropriate conceptual diagrams

-Review questions and excercises for each chapter

-204 complete programs

-35 programs for real life problems

-149 figures and 47 tables

-Prescribed as a textbook for the MCA course’

As written in the last line-‘Prescribed as a textbook for the MCA course.I think anyone who is keen to learn JAVA can go through this book.This book will help you to learn from the basic-OOP(Object Oriented Programming). Description is way too simple.The content is so arranged that a beginner could easily learn from it.

The topics covered in this book are- Introduction to Java(OOP’s features), Literals,Data types and Variables, The structure of a Java Program, Operators, Control Statements, Arrays, Classes, Inheritance, Packages and interfaces, Wrapper classes, Mathematical methods, Exceptions, Input and output classes, Strings, Threads, Applets, Graphics, Event handling, Swing and GUI Components, Networking and JDBC.

Excercises given after each chapter is worth to do and will help you to revise the topics and to overlook them.Examples are placed at every required position to make one understand the topic more lucidly.If you are a beginner and seeking for a book to help you in learning programming in JAVA you can definitely go for this book.Provided you must solve the excercises and run the programmes to grab most of it.

Rating- 5/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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