Review of Raise your Game


Title : Raise your Game

Authoress : Suzanne Hazelton

“Raise your game : How to build on your success to achieve transformational results” , as the name suggests it is a motivational book written to make readers learn the way to reach to success and achieve transformational results, mentioning the mistakes many of us do, and some helping activities to get through all the loopholes.

As the back cover says : ‘ Why do some people succeed whilst others languish? What are the differences that make the
difference in success?

Suzanne Hazelton has been discovering what makes successful people successful for the past two decades; she now makes her practical wisdom accessible to you.

Suzanne has written this new guide specifically for the business owner already familiar with success, who has started to notice the beginnings of being ‘stuck in a rut’.

It highlights over 55 common mistakes that people make when trying to raise their game.These mistakes, with the tips to avoid them, are included so that the reader can learn from other people’s mistakes to put them on the fast-track for achieving transformational results.

Raise your game will help you identify what you can change, set your vision for what you want, and give you a process for making incremental changes to achieve your next level of success.’

A very simple writing fashion has been adopted by the authoress, even a novice reader could go through it with a great ease.Throughout the book the flow has been maintained proficiently. Various activities are also adviced in this book to bring those in habit and practicised whenever required.

In between of each chapter,you will find ‘Mistake’ which most of us do and ‘Tips’ requires for the transformational success which proves very useful.In short,they summed up and concluded the whole chapter in an effective manner. Some very inspiring thoughts are added in this book which I liked very most.All of those thoughts are healthy and new to me and are appropriate where they have been used.

The examples that are set in the book are very relatable and encouraging.The best example quoted in the book is : “Aesop Fable of the Sun and the Wind”, simple yet captivating.Authoress has focussed on very minute-minute things rummaging from the jar of life and discussed them in a fruitful manner and positively in this book.

The only thing I demand from this book is :I needed more real-life examples,narration of some stories as an example, as it would greatly help to last the message on the reader’s mind authoress wants to convey.Apart from it, the book played it role very-well.

The authoress tried her best to express and present her thoughts in a simple and effective manner using diagrams,figures,tables,graphs and flowcharts.At the end, I feel enthusiatic and energetic.One of the Great book to charge me up!

Rating: 4.9/5

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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