Review of Ready Steady Go

Title : Ready Steady Go

About the Book :

Schools and colleges do not prepare us for the real world.Worse still, they often create blind spots that hold us back in the corporate world.As a result, many intelligent, dedicated and hardworking professionals stagnate in their careers.

Unleash your potential with Ready, Steady,Go! Analyze the root cause of career-related issues and learn 59 high-octane rules for personal success, including:
Be sociable,not social
Passion is out of fashion
Think like a Golfer
…and much,much more!

About the Author :

Deepak Mehra, an IIT (BHU) alumnus, secured his management degree from IMT Ghaziabad and followed this with an illustrious banking career. Throughout his professional life, he has been involved in developing, coaching and leading teams of high-calibre young professionals in truly multi-cultural environments.


My views:

This book shows the track of how to build a healthy career in the corporate world. It tells about the small-small steps which we as a fresher don’t pay heed to but are essential to set a mark in the corporate world.In this book you would get to know some stories of corporate world, how it works, how it differs from the school and college life, how it should work and how a change needed to be done in the personality of a newbie when he/she is about to lend into the corporate world.

The life and responsibilities of college life is very proficiently compared to that of corporate life and at the same time tips and suggestions are provided by the author as to what to do and what not to.A student who is about to enter in the corporate world, this book would work for you as a guide making you learn step-by-step procedures to learn the do’s and don’ts of corporate world.The essence of corporate world is very finely touched in this book and served in a friendly manner.Writing style is simple, comfortable enough to go with and is matured and suitable enough to match the type of the content.

On could get a clear idea of how the corporate world works and do’s and don’ts that are to be remember and follow while being in the corporate world in order to survive there and simultaneously building a profitable career.Though some common but necessary tactics has been suggested by the author in this book which would work like stepping stones to climb the mountain and being at the top.Through his experience in the corporate world, he has pointed out some very important points to be remember and follow throughout in the journey to discover the workings of corporate world.

For building career in the corporate world this book is a must read.To follow or not to follow the tactics is all upto the individual but to know the working of corporate world is important which would automatically force you to follow the tactics suggested in the book.

Go and get ready to pick up this book if you are on the verge to discover the difference between school and corporate life and wishes to attain success in the corporate world!

Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

Rating : 5/5

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