Review of Redemption

Author- Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley


‘Redemmption’ by Karen Kingsburry and Gary Smalley creates the aroma and essence of true love.A tale of a selfless and pure love.Through this book, authors try to define love in their own different way and I quite liked it.

The story revolves around Kary Baxter Jacob, who found her husband fall in the love trap of a woman and to continue that relationship his husband asked Kary for divorce.Kary,being a true lover made her mind to keep their relationship alive and love him with the same intensity,even though he cheated on her.The story reflects that love is a decision.It is upto us how we take and carry the word ‘love’.

The ending was good giving a perfect end,as all good stories have – a happy ending.This book weighs love in depth.Everybody has its own perception of love.Through authors’ perspective,they show the image of selfless love regardless of what Kary’s beloved husband has done.

Well,I believe, such stories used to happen in the era of 90’s but not today.Where woman has to love their husband no matter what their deeds are.On a emotional note,this is a beautiful story but on thinking logically,the plot seems repulsive.


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