Review of Remember

Author- Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley


‘Remember’ by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley,second redemption series, grippens my attention as I continue to read it.It is a book which can swing your mood and entertain you throughout the journey.

As the back cover says,Strong-willed Ashley Baxter is trying to forget. She has locked up her heart, convinced that no one – including God – could love her. Four unlikely people -Alzheimer’s patients -find the cracks in Ashley’s heart and slowly help her remember. Then comes the nightmare of September 11, which forever changes the lives of the Baxter family, causing them to remember what is important and leading them to make decisions that are both heartbreaking and hope-filled.

The ambiance created by Baxter Family seems much more familiar after reading Redemption.Where the core theme of ‘Redemption’ is -love a decision.In this book,authors dealt with completely different thing.’Remember’ illustrates that we must value others more than ourselves.I like the way,how authors keep experimenting on different theme and giving prolific messages to its readers along with a flamboyant tale.

Like Redemption,this book also gained my attention from the very beginning.Authors’ writing style is inquistive and matured , which never let you to keep this book down.

Their story seems more real and emotional.Readers dont need to force their mind to picturize the story.The story itself creates magnificient images providing a feather reading.I found myself more involved in this book than Redemption.

Rating- 4.8/5

Reviewed by Shweta Kesari .

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