Review of Return

Author- Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

‘Return’ by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley,third redemption series is another gem by these authors.Playing with words is their power and making their readers dwell in another life is their brilliant art.

As the book says, This touching novel reunites readers with the Baxter family and focuses on the only Baxter son, Luke. He is determined to leave his faith and his past behind an embrace a new, free-thinking future.Luke finds out a secret that was kept from him his comfortable new life is turned upside down,and he must turn back to his roots.This story illustrates that we must honor those we love by returning to them.

Each of redemption series,gives a worthy lessons about relationships through Baxter life.After reading all the three books,I fall in love with the Baxter family.The way authors potrays the character feels so real.Like no imaginative story.Everything was so real and very well narrated and articulated.I was so dwell in the story.I was expecting more from this series ,after reading the previous two(Redemption and Remember).I was in search of a different plot.The plot is quite old but the aura it creates is awesome.Eagerly waiting to read more of Redemption series.


Reviewed by Shweta Kesari

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