Review of Rhyme With Me

Title : Rhyme With Me


Author : Mary Kunte





Blurb :Written in simple rhyme, the poems touch upon emotions, nature and imaginative situations.


Other styles of poetry also have a place in the book: Acrostic, Rictameter, Haiku and Onomatopoeia.


The first letter of each new line when put together forms a word/name. This is Acrostic; but the poet has also written the poem in rhyme.


In Rictameter style, the poem has a diamond shaped look, as it is written in a certain number of syllables per line, in ascending and descending orders.


Haiku poetry is a thought or a scene expressed in just three lines.


Onomatopoeia is a poem in which sounds are expressed in words.


The Songs section includes a patriotic poem, Jai Hind My India, and three children’s poems, Lullaby, A Child’s Song and My Little Airplane.

This book of poems is sure to keep the reader enthralled.


My View :

With this book in my hand,I was pretty sure that one could easily gel with this book because of the way she has hired a welcoming hand and hospitality she has served to readers.Instead of creating maze in reader’s mind, she chooses to travel on a path where reader’s can face less troubles, and nothing could hinder the journey.In this wish of making the journey easier, she tries every possible way to take a step ahead to help reader in their new journey in the poetic world.



The blurb at the back states the types of poems you would confront in this poetic ride.What more accelerated my excitement than the blurb is the welcome note for readers where she invites to join the ride rhyming with her.Here I present it for you :

Dear Reader,

Come Rhyme With Me

In verse and song

Once you start to read

You’d go on and on.

Each poem is a different kind:

Nature, emotions and others you’ll find.

Different styles of poetry are here for you:

Acrostic, Rictameter, Onomatopoeia and Haiku.



In the beginning of the journey, poetess has given a brief note on the nature of poems, what the poem wants to convey, and that’s how she makes the journey comfortable for readers. Where the newbie could be fidgeting with words and fails to comprehend the poems, poetess brings the availability of lightening reader’s mood by conveying her message in simple words.



For a beginner, this book is highly recommended, as it has all the ingredients a newbie seeks for while keeping his/her first foot :

  • Simple writing style : Although its not completely poetic in nature,most of the articulations are simple , as if narrating in a story.
  • Briefs on poems: Keeps the ride balanced.
  • Friendly topic : Topics she has chosen to compose poems on, are affable and one could grasp the meaning and relate to it with ease.




The main hitch I felt is that this book is surely designed for beginners, if an ardent poetry reader picks this book, he/she may left disappointed.But, from  a newbie’s point of view this book can kick-start their journey in the poetic world of literature.



Rating : 3/5




Reviewer : Shweta Kesari

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