Review of Rivya’s Symbol of Initimacy

Title : Rivya’s Symbol of Intimacy


Author : Varun Pandey






Blurb : This is the story of two unbranded persons in this so-called branded generation. It is an unforgettable story about the essentials of humankind, the real brands which make a person pure and willing to listen to his inner voice. Here, in this story, we chronicle the love story that Rishi and Kavya share, and their journey towards their dramatic destiny.


My View : Author’s words and thoughts seem like an over thought of incidents. It feels like the incidents are not properly observed and not properly portrayed before readers. For him it is like a unique compilation of thoughts, but for readers it is like thoughts considered by only one person.Author has focussed on those incidents which don’t even play an important role in the story.


Some of the content irritated me to a great extent. For example, when Rishi went to Varun’s home for a casual meet, he and Varun’s wife talks about iphone, how costlier they are, I mean what is the significance of talking about it, if it doesn’t relate to any of the other incidents narrated in the story. It all seemed so nonsense, it felt like it was just for filling up the pages and increase the count of words.


Author should have done some research on some good books and also to his story. The events that he narrated in the book don’t seem like observed keenly and portrayed through heart. Throughout the story what all I could sum is there is only one thought in author’s mind while writing this book, to complete this book as soon as possible, no matter how the quality of the content would be.


The narration of the story doesn’t seem  appropriate. I didn’t get why Varun is telling the story instead of Rishi himself. It would be easy for author as well as for readers, if Rishi would be narrating the story. It would be easy for readers to relate and comprehend protagonist’s situations and it would be easy and comfortable task for author to portray Rishi’s thoughts.


Also, the switching of events doesn’t create a proper chain between them. It hinders the flow of the story. The events are not fruitful to interest readers and grab readers’ attention. Not a single moment I felt like it has something different and good to serve to readers. I couldn’t figure out what author had in mind to share. I couldn’t gather author’s motive behind writing this book.


It felt like whatever crossed his mind became a part of this book.


Rating : 1/5


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Reviewer : Shweta Kesari


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